Choose the color for your party!


What’s inside M&M’s?
You will always find top quality milk chocolate, product by Mars.


All the colors you can imagine ara available in monochromatic or multicolored 500gr packs.

The irresistible M&M’s ar

e a must for your party or big event.


Trivia Number 1

You knew that...

Every 8 hours are produces over 2 billions of M&M’s in Mars factories.

Trivia Number 2

You knew that...

During the second World War the M&M’s had major success between soldiers because their chocolate would never melt.

The famous slogan was indeed “M&M’s melts in your mouth, not in your hands”

Trivia Number 3

You knew that...

Exists or existed flavours of M&M’s such as orange, pretzel, cherry, cinnmamon, pumpkin, gingerbread and pineapple.